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30 min. virtual coffee and lunch breaks weekly with like-minded remote workers!

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How it works? It's simple.

Submit your availability and objectives weekly

By taking a look at your interests and objectives we then match you with 2-3 members for a video call every week. Not comfortable with video? Audio only is also welcome.

Your new match is found! Time to meet

A calendar invite lands in your inbox with details about your match, their interests, and a structured optional agenda to kick the conversation off.

Rate your Cafecito & repeat

After your Cafecito break you'll be feeling energized and productive. Enjoyed your match? We'll send a follow-up in a few weeks if you'd like to meet again.

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How others use Cafecito

Think of us as a re-imagined much more friendly social matching for remote workers.

  • Low pressure casual mid-day chats

  • Investors finding innovative startups

  • Friendships with local members

  • Opportunities for jobs and hiring

  • Meeting your remote tribe

  • Experts and students seeking mentorship

Solving the isolation problem one coffee at a time. Ready to try it?

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What's a Cafecito?

Cafecito is what we use to refer to your event or meeting with other remote workers. Cafecito translates to 'Coffee' in Spanish and coffee brings people together, just like we're doing with this community ❤️

What do I get for signing up?

We're not here to take your email and information and leave you hanging. From the moment you sign up you'll be immediately worked into our matching system and following that we'll introduce and schedule you and your match(s).

I'm introverted, is this for me?

It is! By offering 1:1 options for your virtual coffee and lunches it's a great way for you to meet and freely chat with another remote worker without the pressure and stress of a large crowd.

Why do you ask for details about my interests?

Without it it'd be very hard to match you properly. Imagine it like showing up to a meetup with a ton of strangers then closing your eyes and pointing at someone you'd like to talk too. I mean, it sounds kinda fun but will the conversation flow? Will it create value for both parties? When you fill out your profile with your background, industry, and interests we're able to use that information to match you time and time again so that you're getting the most out of each chat.

I manage a remote team, can they all use Cafecito?

Of course. Remote teams everywhere face isolation everyday. Let's get your team setup. Book time with me.

I want access today and don't want to wait in line to join.

I love options so you have one here too! Book a quick virtual coffee with me and we'll do an onboarding call. At the end you'll be fast-tracked to your first match.


We're always around to chat. Send us a note.


My video link isn't loading or I can't get into the room

Supported browsers: You can use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iOS Safari and Android Chrome for larger calls!

Here are a few steps you can try if your video link is still not working
1. Refresh your page
2. Visit the video link in Google Chrome (desktop and mobile), our preferred browser supporting our video chats
3. Quit and restart your browser

Additionally check out more detailed instructions here.

My match didn't show up

Bummer! We try our best to manage these cases but sometimes we slip. It's encouraged that a 24 hour notice is given if you can no longer make it. If you hop on your call and your match isn't there, please shoot me an email and we'll get you rematched.

Other questions?

We're always around to chat. Send us a note.

In the meantime...check out our Cafecito Group Meetups!

Indianapolis, IN is where we've landed first.

Coffee #5: Let's talk communication.

March 10, 2020
9:30am - 10:30am

Sign up to get access to virtual breaks ☕

Sign up to get access to virtual breaks ☕


If you'd like to run a lunch and learn, teach a new skill, talk about ways to incorporate Cafecito into your company or business, or really anything else. Shoot me an email.

Thank you for signing up 🎉

What's next? We've received your request. Look out for an email from to complete your profile! In the meantime, stay in touch with me on Twitter for updates.

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Grab a chat?

Setup a quick onboarding call with us.

  • We'll make sure Cafecito is a fit for what you're looking for

  • Plan how you can use it weekly

  • Answer any of your questions

The About Cafecito blurb!

Cafecito is in free beta right now so anyone can join and try it out with no overhead. Would love your support through sharing Cafecito, providing feedback so that we can make it better, and buying us coffee would be awesome (but totally not required).

Who's behind Cafecito?

It's me! Irma. Nice to meet you. I'm a Product Manager and love solving customer problems. I wanted to bring my experience in remote work to a product that could bring remote workers just like you closer together through conversation.

I love coffee, especially Cafecito, and being from Miami, FL (where Cuban culture is strong) coffee always brought me together with amazing mentors, friends, and clients. I hope it does the same for you.

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