Find remote workers to grab lunch or coffee with.

Community platform that matches you with like-minded remote workers by scheduling networking and water coolers. Use the time to learn, mentor, network, meet a new client, hire, get advice, or have casual conversations. Do it all remotely.

Solving the isolation problem one lunch at a time.

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How it works

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Meet new people virtually

By taking a look at your interests we then match you with 2-4 members for a Google Hangouts video call. We'll ask for your availability weekly to make sure you can cut time in your schedule for a 30-min. lunch or coffee. Join in!

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Cut out time for lunch or coffee

Buffer reported that 18% of remote folks are unable to unplug from work so we curate networking and water-coolers throughout the week for you to join. Ready to unplug? Get started.

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Do more learning and growing

Meet a number of like-minded people for a chat and build your network or expand your connections and opportunities for friendship or growth. Don't miss out, sign up!

What's a Cafecito? ☕

You will see us referring to your coffee and lunch meets as Cafecitos. Cafecito is what we use to refer to your event or meeting with other remote workers. Cafecito translates to 'Coffee' in Spanish and coffee brings people together, just like we're doing with this community ❤️

In the meantime...check out our Cafecito Group Meetups!

Indianapolis, IN is where we've landed first.

Coffee #5: Let's talk communication.

March 10, 2020
9:30am - 10:30am

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If you'd like to run a lunch and learn, teach a new skill, talk about ways to incorporate Cafecito into your company or business, or really anything else. Shoot me an email.

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Remote work is advertised as isolating, but we can change that.


Hi! I'm Irma. I've been working remotely for the past 3 years from Indianapolis, IN. Moving to a new city from Miami, FL was already a big transition but to come into it as a remote worker made it even more challenging.

As you might already know when you work from home whether you're an employee or business owner it can become pretty isolating. It's easy to get stuck in your seat for 3+ hours at a time and forget to get up, stretch, grab water, take a walk - all of that disappears.

I started to notice this in my daily routine and I knew something had to change. I also did some digging online and it was clear after reading articles and surveys around the working remote culture that loneliness and the lack of in-person social interaction was a huge challenge for folks all over the world.

I began to set times, schedule coffee chats with local folks in my network, created events for reading time in my work calendar, I did it all. And the one big change that worked for me was getting out of my house and meeting someone for coffee or lunch. It was a break in my day that I looked forward to. It forced me to get ready in the morning, to step away, to create boundaries, to develop new connections, and learn something new each time. This is the value Cafecito will bring to you and your remote lifestyle.

And, this is also where Cafecito comes from. Most of my chats were over coffee and cafecito in Spanish means coffee and that simple action of sitting down with another individual who I shared goals, interests, and objectives with and having a casual conversation became a life saver.

I hope you join me in this journey to make remote work more social.


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